how to help

Volunteers at Bike Miami Days

Make a donation
Give online via PayPal 

Become a Sponsor or Local Partner
Exciting opportunities are available for our 2010 program. For more information please contact us at

Attend Planning Meetings
Meetings will be held bi-weekly on Thursdays. Exact time and location to be determined. Follow the project on Facebook for updates.

Contact a Neighborhood Enhancement Team (NET)
We are working on presenting to Neighborhood Enhancement Teams to get their official endorsement and commitment to hosting Open Street Events in their district. Volunteers can help by contacting Neighborhood Enhancement Teams and asking them to add Open Street Events to the agenda. Please let us know when you have confirmed that we are on the agenda, and we will send someone to give the presentation. If you are interested in giving the presentation with us, let us know! We welcome you to join us in delivering the message!

We will be contacting residents and business owners prior to the event. This will involve distributing flyers, talking to business owners along the route, contacting local organizations to participate during the events and seeking sponsorship. If you would like to help in this way please let us know and we will be able to provide you with information such as sponsorship levels and opportunities and marketing materials.

Volunteer at Other Events
Other events where the Open Streets Project will host a table. We need volunteers to tend the tables, handing out postcards and discussing Bike Miami Days and other Open Street Events.

Volunteer at Bike Miami Days
The day of Bike Miami Days, we will need lots of people to do lots of things – - distribute information, provide pedestrian assistance, distribute water, set-up/breakdown, route rabbits, and more.

We count on your efforts to make Bike Miami Days happen. 

If you would like to help with any of the above campaign objectives or to be added to our email list, email us at:

Many Thanks!