Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bike Miami Day = 350 Day

This year Miami's ciclovia, Bike Miami Day will take place on the same day as 350 Day. A day to celebrate climate solutions. On this day has set out a campaign to make Sunday, October 10, 2010 the day in which people from all around the world will organize local "workday" parties to bring attention to carbon emissions, their effect on the environment and host activities showcasing ways in which we can reduce our impact. In addition to allowing everyone to enjoy the streets we will be having a 350 area where various organizations will be hosting activities and providing information.

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Cycling is a fun, healthy, simple and effective way in which we can all reduce our carbon footprint. Bicycles take up little space, work on man-power and produce no waste, and a bike can travel  960 miles on the equivalent energy of a gallon of gas.

Like Thailand and Los Angeles, where they will be hosting cycling events in celebration of 350 Day,  we will be registering Bike Miami Days as a 350 Workday making it an official event to support this international campaign.

Support Bike Miami Days and join us in celebrating our city. Please donate today!

For more info on 350 Day 350's mission you can visit

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