Friday, August 6, 2010

"Volunteers are who make it happen"

Bike Miami Days was once a governmental initiative which received the full support of government officials, now it has been left up to us, the community, to bring back Bike Miami Days. We welcome and encourage you to take part in our effort to bring back Bike Miami Days. As with any community initiatives, volunteers are who make it happen. They are an integral part of our organization as they become the liaison between citizens and government officials to bring back Bike Miami Days. Volunteers provide many valuable skills and give this initiative the credibility, support and essential human resources. All of who have participated and volunteered at a Bike Miami Days event have experienced first hand the many ways in which our community benefits from these type of events. In our effort to make Miami a more sustainable city Bike Miami Days has proven to be an effective, fun and engaging way to promote alternative transportation, healthier lifestyles and community engagement. Check out our How To Help page to see the many ways in which you can help bring back Bike Miami Days.

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